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The relinquishing of the public’s right to issue its own currency – Part 1

It is apparent to me that the issuing of the worlds currency is in the hands of private corporations. Consider how else do you get a situation where all the worlds governments, business’s and individuals can be in debt? some 500 trillion notional according the bank of international settlements. Is planet Earth in debt to Mars? So if not who is the debt owed? these are some intuitive questions anyone can ask without the need for any knowledge of fiance or the economy.

So the traditional idea of a bank that is the belief of the general public at this time is that people deposit their money at banks therefore when you want a loan you goto the banks because they have all the deposits and you borrow what would essentially be other peoples money at a risk to the bank hence the charging of interest to cover the risk.  So that would be the generally held belief of the public implied by them when borrowing from banks. However this could not be further from the truth. What actually happens when borrowing from the banks is as follows:-

  • You enter the bank and request to borrow lets say $100,000
  • The bank checks to see if your capable of paying back
  • They present you with a loan agreement, which stipulates you must pay back this debt in legal tender only, failure to do so gives them the right to foreclose your property. (note you cannot payback in anything other than what they stipulate, gold, silver, services, alternative currency’s, whatever, therefore forcing people to exchange their time and energy for their private credit only, further insuring their monopoly)
  • Key point coming up, the loan agreement you are about to sign is known within law as a promissory note and it is this piece of paper (instrument) that is the thing of value in banking, it is what you commonly hear of as bank assets.
  • The bank takes this newly desposited asset places it in their vault (because it is the actual thing of value) and are now able to increase their networth by exactly how much the promissory note is worth because they now have one more person out there who is willing to exchange their time and energy for their private credit.
  • Because their assets have now increased by $100,000 the local commercial bank that received the asset can now apply to its central bank to extend to it the equivalent amount in liability’s (public credit) what you know as money. However the reserves that the central bank forwards to its commercial branch bank are created from nothing out of thin air on their computer. Why did they create it from nothing? because they now have an asset to back it up namely your promissory note which is attached to your time and energy. So on a deeper level you can see that all money is debt and all money is not simply backed by nothing as many people like to say but it is in fact backed by the time and energy of people business’s and governments, its backed by a promise.

I will explain in a later post the detriment of this system although I trust its apparent already but for now I will address only the private ownership of this system.

So I hope you see how that works and that the banks are not actually lending you anything. And thus this is precisely how you get a situation where the whole world can be in debt, and in truth the world really is in debt to a foreign entity because the international banking cartel is not native to any nation.

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Are they saying anything?

Joe public will tend to have a very subtle buzz just after listening to a politician speak about some issue. Why? Because he was appealed to on an emotional level that didn’t require him to think.

Listen carefully next time a politician has something to say, it will smell of roses of course but you might notice in almost all instances it has no substance whatsoever. There is never any outline of details or specifics.

You can actually decode every speech into somthing similar to the following.

This is good so we are going to do this because its better. Better things are what we want to be happy so we are going to do this to make things better which is good. This is bad so we are going to do this and that will be good.

And Joe public thinks yea why not, but was anything actually said? what do you now know that you didn’t before.

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Child Abuse

Bill Maloney, this guys doing a great deed for us in bringing light to child abuse, Im not educated neither have I been effected by the topic and yet Bills work has clearly brought to my attention the subject as well as his passion and drive which is a virtue many of us today seem to lack.

heres a few videos, Enjoy


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Lay the axe to the root.

Compared to 3 or 4 years ago Laying the axe to the root!we have many intelligent and accurate economists that can point out to us the immense corruption within our economic system. To name a few personal recommendations listen to Max Keiser and Marc Fabre. And so they will point out how corrupt wallstreet is, how derivatives work, and basically the complexities of the financial system and how it is not working in your favour to say the least.

However  the root issue is not being addressed even though the cat is now out of the bag as they say. And that root issue is the ability of a private cartel of corporations to have the privilege to issue the credit of a nation. This doesnt pertain just to your nation it is an international phenomena transcending borders.

So no matter how much you address surface level issues such as derivatives, interest rates, bond sales it will never amount to anything of significance.  The government cannot pay off its debt, because it can only use debt to pay off debt, meaning if the US government for example paid off all 14 trillion today then tommorow it would have 14 trillion of debt again but simply with a later maturity date on the debt. Do you really want to contiune to play this game? Because if so it will surely deprive you still further until like the egjyptians you will be compelled to rise up with force and it wont be out of choice it will be because of your empty stomach. How far that event is off for the western world is uncertain to tell but it is a certainty if we do not chose to lay the axe to the root.

Therefore this is simply a message to encourage people when on the topic of finance to put their attention on the issue of private banks having the privilege to issue money from nothing.

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