Lay the axe to the root.

Compared to 3 or 4 years ago Laying the axe to the root!we have many intelligent and accurate economists that can point out to us the immense corruption within our economic system. To name a few personal recommendations listen to Max Keiser and Marc Fabre. And so they will point out how corrupt wallstreet is, how derivatives work, and basically the complexities of the financial system and how it is not working in your favour to say the least.

However  the root issue is not being addressed even though the cat is now out of the bag as they say. And that root issue is the ability of a private cartel of corporations to have the privilege to issue the credit of a nation. This doesnt pertain just to your nation it is an international phenomena transcending borders.

So no matter how much you address surface level issues such as derivatives, interest rates, bond sales it will never amount to anything of significance.  The government cannot pay off its debt, because it can only use debt to pay off debt, meaning if the US government for example paid off all 14 trillion today then tommorow it would have 14 trillion of debt again but simply with a later maturity date on the debt. Do you really want to contiune to play this game? Because if so it will surely deprive you still further until like the egjyptians you will be compelled to rise up with force and it wont be out of choice it will be because of your empty stomach. How far that event is off for the western world is uncertain to tell but it is a certainty if we do not chose to lay the axe to the root.

Therefore this is simply a message to encourage people when on the topic of finance to put their attention on the issue of private banks having the privilege to issue money from nothing.

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