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The relinquishing of the public’s right to issue its own currency – Part 1

It is apparent to me that the issuing of the worlds currency is in the hands of private corporations. Consider how else do you get a situation where all the worlds governments, business’s and individuals can be in debt? some … Continue reading

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Are they saying anything?

Joe public will tend to have a very subtle buzz just after listening to a politician speak about some issue. Why? Because he was appealed to on an emotional level that didn’t require him to think. Listen carefully next time … Continue reading

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Child Abuse

Bill Maloney, this guys doing a great deed for us in bringing light to child abuse, Im not educated neither have I been effected by the topic and yet Bills work has clearly brought to my attention the subject as … Continue reading

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Lay the axe to the root.

Compared to 3 or 4 years ago we have many intelligent and accurate economists that can point out to us the immense corruption within our economic system. To name a few personal recommendations listen to Max Keiser and Marc Fabre. … Continue reading

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